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About Steven

I'm the owner of Yourmicrobionts and passionate about helping people to improve their health through Microbiome Analysis; giving prebiotics, probiotics and healthy eating advice tailored to my clients' unique gut bacterial profile.

Being trained as a biologist I know the importance of ecosystems. I see the human microbiome as an integrative part of our own human ecosystem. The interaction of our gut flora and the gut epithelium are key to improve gut health. The Gut-Immune interface is the main approach in my offered treatments.

I started this endevour after becoming chronically ill myself. For more than 10 years I struggled with the consequences of rheumatoid arthritis. This led me to try a wide variety of different therapeutic approaches. Ultimatly leading to my understanding of the role the Gut Microbiota-Immune interface plays in general health. Microbiome repair was an essential part of keeping my rheumatoid artritis in remission.

With this personal experience, together with focused professional development, I offer specialist understanding for those with chronic disease.

Education and Certifications

Hogeschool Leiden & MyMicroZoo 2018

Microbiota and nutritional advice

Tom van den Bogert, PhD; Laura Steenbergen, PhD; Karin Koning PhD

Goulds Natural Medicine Clinic 2019

Stool analysis & Meet your miccrobiome masterclasses

Dr. Jason Hawrelak BNat (Hons), PhD, MASN, FACN

Cell-Logic and Integra Nutritionals Learning Centre 2021

Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation: Targeting Chronic Disease

Dr. Christine Houghton PhD, BSc, R. Nutr.

Blueberry polyphenols microbiota
Gut-Immune interface

My Approach

My treatment plans all follow these 3 integrative steps:


Step 1: Restoring homeostasis to the Gut-Immune interface

Our first goal is to optimise the cellular function of the gut epithelium. Enhance the gut-immune interface and restoring tight junction dynamics. Herefor I use nutrigenomically-active ingredients, immunobalancing postbiotics and epithelial specific nutrients.

Step 2: Restoring of microfloral diversity and integrity

Secondly we nourish the microbiota which then produce the metabolites favourable to the gut epithelium and optimise the signalling mechanisms from gut to distant organs.

A gut microbiota DNA based analysis can be of great use in deciding which prebiotics, probiotics and supplements can aid in the reshaping of your gut microbiome.

Step 3: Long term homeostasis

Lastly we will set up an eating plan to secure the new healthy homeostasis will stay for the long term.

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